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We all know how Hallyu Wave has influenced us like a storm. From dramas, music, cosmetics, food, and now, webtoons! Some of the Korean dramas like Cheese in the Trap and Her Private Life were all based on webtoons but was received with much love and support from all of the viewers across the globe.

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Now, we would like to introduce you to one of the nakakakilig and interesting reads when it comes to Webtoon: True Beauty. The story revolves about the life of Jugyeong Lim, a girl who was onced bullied for not being pretty enough. Thanks to the power of make-up and Youtube tutorials, she learned how make-up can make her become a campus crush and later on became an influencer. She later on meets Suho Lee and Seojun Han who will turn her beautiful and normal life upside down.

Jugyeong gains her confidence attending school and meeting new friends whenever she has her make-up on. Since she came from a family with good genes, she is challenged to cope up with beauty standards. Later on, she unexpectedly stumbles upon Suho revealing her bare face.

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Get to discover how Jugyeong learns how she can love herself even without her make-up on, and be torn on which leading guy to ship with her! Jugyeong can be described as a bubbly yet self-conscious having surrounded by a good looking family aside from her.

She loves to read comics and developed a crush with Suho. Jugyeong also meets Seojun, who will later on become one of her best friend. He is not good with communicating due to the past events that happened in his life. Suho later on he develops a friendship with Jugyeong when he accidentally bumped into her without make up.

He also shares a distant friendship with Seojun Han as the two were idol trainees before. Seojun appears to have a strong personality.

Seojun worked with Suho as an idol trainee in their younger days but grew distant with an unfortunate incident. If you are looking for an interesting hobby to do aside from watching K-DramasK-Varietyor listening to K-Pop songsreading this K-Webtoon can become a perfect past-time!

This webtoon do not only focuses on a teen love story but also gives us a glimpse of how mental health struggle can affect a person. Despite its on-going status, True Beauty can give us life lessons and realizations that can change our perspective in terms of finding the real definition of beauty. It is also worth the weekly wait!

true beauty webtoon korean

Skip to content Search for: Search Close. Close Menu.Jugyeong Lim is the main character of True Beauty. She debuted at Saebom High School as the pretty girl, hiding her true face from the rest of the school. She is currently an Nstagram influencer and studies film at a local community college. With makeup, Jugyeong is considered very pretty. She has large light brown eyes and long hair. She also has thin, straight eyebrows. While putting on her makeup, the process includes the use of double eyelid glue, brown-toned lenses, an eyelash curler, and mascara for her eyes.

Unless there is a special occasion, Jugyeong does a very natural makeup look that usually deceives others into believing that is her real face. Without makeup, many people consider Jugyeong to be unattractive, including her own family.

true beauty webtoon

In middle school. Before she plucked them, she had very bushy, shapeless eyebrows. On her quest to look beautiful, she shaved most of the hairs off, leaving only two very thin lines that she fills in with a brow pencil. She has mono-lids and acne-prone skin. She usually wears her hair in a ponytail when she doesn't wear makeup and wears loose clothes such as sweatpants.

Coming from a good-looking family, Jugyeong is very self-conscious about her looks. In middle school, she was ostracized and bullied for not conforming to the norm's beauty standard. Once she transformed her appearance with makeup and was embraced in high school as the "pretty girl," she became very insecure about her real face.

Because her life improved due to her looks, Jugyeong is very worried about other people discovering her bare face. Unless she is alone or with family, she never leaves home without makeup on. At school, she maintained her "pretty girl" image by faking her personality, such as lying about her music preferences and eating small portions during lunch.

true beauty webtoon korean

At home, she shed her image and reverted to her "geeky" self, spending her time reading comics, listening to alternative rock music, and eating fatty foods like fried chicken. Overall, she is very kind and generous to others. Because of her warm nature, her friends enjoy her company, despite her naivete.

As a very sheltered person, Jugyeong is very gullible and easily influenced by others. Because of her past, Jugyeong believes that romance is only possible for her if her partner is unaware of her true face. She is a little superficial, believing that beauty is correlated to having a good personality.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — True beauty by Yaongyi.

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True beauty by Yaongyi. After binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy, comic book fan masters the art of make-up, then sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her schools prettiest pretty girl literally overnight.

But will her elite status be short lived? How long can she keep her real self a secret? And what about that cute boy she likes? Could you imagine if he found out the truth? Get A Copy. Webtoonpages. More Details Edition Language. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.The series follows protagonist Jugyeong Limwho, after being bullied for her appearance, becomes a very skilled makeup user.

When Jugyeong enters high school, she manages to convince others that her beautiful, made-up face is her natural appearance. Jugyeong befriends Suho Lee while in school: a wealthy, cold boy whom she runs into, bare-faced, at a comic book shop. She later meets Seojun Hanan aggressive student with a mysteriously good singing voice. The plot follows Jugyeong as she navigates her daily life and goal of becoming a cosmetologist.

The webtoon is authored by illustrator and former fitting model Yaongyi and began publication on April 2, in South Korea. Its English localization began in August ofwith certain regions receiving earlier releases under the name The Secret of Angel.

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But will her elite status be short lived? And what about that cute boy she likes? Could you imagine if he found out the truth? The three main characters in a Lunar New Year promotional drawing by Yaongyi.

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This list is truncated down to only the more plot-relevant characters. For a complete list, visit Category:Characters. True Beauty currently has ninety-seven episodes, with eighty-six of them translated into English.

To view a complete list, visit the episode listor the episodes category. While the series' Korean release was on hiatus during the summer ofa drama adaptation was confirmed. No further information about the drama was revealed upon the announcement other than its green-lit status that July. The announcement did, however, spawn a number of fan-made cast lists, though none have been confirmed.


Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the webtoon.To all avid Korean drama fans out there, you probably would have seen numerous reports of the popular webtoon True Beauty that is set for a drama adaptation. And I can totally understand why it is slated for a drama production, because this webtoon contains all elements that will make for a popular idol K-drama watch.

Before the drama is even out, I could already tell that it is going to be a hit! And bound to propel the 2 male leads into stardom!

I feel excited already! True Beauty is essentially about loving someone for their inner beauty, the core of who they are, and not the outer appearance. Our female lead was an ugly duckling with frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows, small eyes and acne riddled skin. Definitely not the definition of a beauty by any Asian standards. Motivated to change her life, she discovered the power of makeup and the rest is history. Apparently, she became so gorgeous after makeup that no one could even recognise her and thus she got to adopt a different persona and identity in high school.

No one could link the beautiful Jugyeong with that manga reading pimply girl in middle school. So in short, Jugyeong has 2 identities — a beautiful lady when made up in schooland back to the pimply nerdy girl after school when she is not wearing makeup.

In spite of her new beautiful exterior, Jugyeong is still essentially the same nice, not-so-confident comic-loving girl who enjoys spending her free time in the comic shop. And that was where she met Suho, the gorgeous new boy in school who likes her for who she is, and who later drew the link that the beautiful girl he met in school is actually the same geeky girl he met in the comic store.

I really love the scenes of Jugyeong and Suho together. It is just so incredibly sweet. He is naturally also incredibly handsome, and his relationship with Jugyeong is more like a BFF with lots of banter in between. Seo Joon is aware that Jugyeong and Suho likes each other, however with Suho moving away to another country, will he make his move on Jugyeong, and will they transcend from best friends to something more? Suho is truly my idea of a perfect specimen of a guy, so I definitely have high standards as to who should act his role.

Many netizens have been asking for Cha Eun Woo which I think makes sense as Cha Eun Woo is widely acknowledged to be very good looking. However I feel that Cha Eun Woo has a very young and boyish face which does not seem to match with the air of Suho, who feels a lot more cool and sombre. Suho doesnt look young although I know that Suho is still supposed to be just a high schooler. They actually look really similar!

Of course, I am aware that Wu Chun is now a father and way too old for this character, but still. Who else then? I thought Jin looks more cute, and not as cool and stoic as Suho. His looks does not really resemble Suho that much, but I can imagine him portraying the cool and aloof Suho who only shows off his tender side to the woman he likes, which would actually be kind of similar to his role in Go Back Couple.

As for Seo Joon, he has more of a beautiful and effeminate way of dressing, so I am thinking more of someone who can pull off mascara and lipstick etc. I can also imagine Lee Jong Suk to be in a seemingly cool role where he banters with the female lead but actually has feelings for her.

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Just sweet looking does not cut it for me. Cos she is just now beautiful enough for this role, in my opinion.

Ji Soo from Blackpink is also another contender and while I am not her fan, I guess I can see her appeal and why she appears to be quite suitable. Jugyeong actually has this shy side and I thought Ji Soo has that too. Skip to content. Ugly Duckling meets Prince Charming storyline that is bound to have females swooning True Beauty is essentially about loving someone for their inner beauty, the core of who they are, and not the outer appearance.

Who to act as Suho? Do you see the similarity in looks between Suho and Wu Chun?Korean webtoons are growing in popularity, thanks to the variety of genres available at your very fingertips.

Easily accessible on your phone and created so you can scroll through amazing visuals seamlessly, they're even overtaking traditional printed manga in some cases. Why not get ahead of the trend and read the stories in webtoon-form first?

After all, people always say the book is better than the movie, right? A shy comic book-loving teenage girl learns how to do her makeup by binge-watching beauty videos over her school holiday, and transforms herself into the prettiest girl in school.

But she fears she's keeping her 'real self' a secret, so how long til everyone knows?

true beauty webtoon korean

Throw in a love triangle involving two feuding boys and you've got yourself romance, intrigue and comedy all in one! Perfect K-drama fodder! Read here. An ordinary high school student discovers her talents and herself when she joins a drawing club called 'Spirit Fingers', filled with eccentric characters. Brimming with memorable characters, beautiful illustrations and a cute romance to boot, we desperately want this to be a K-drama!

Spirit Fingers is only available officially in Korean but there are web translations out there! An unattractive high school student who's bullied constantly suddenly transforms into a person with two bodies - one being the exact opposite of who he is. He gets to be an attractive teen at school, but at nights he's back to his old look while working part-time at a convenience store. But as he makes friends, his double life becomes harder to conceal It's one of your all-time fave romance K-drama tropes: two best friends who might be something more but just don't know it!

This pair have been besties since childhood but everyone around them thinks it's more than friendship. Of course some obstacles will be coming their way that'll have them questioning their relationship too. A high school girl falls asleep one night and wakes up to find herself married to an overprotective demon who's got a penchant for eating cats Super powerful demon collides with regular human life with laughs and romance too, admit it, you want to see what happens. For the fantasy fans out there, this one will have you captivated from the start.

In this webtoon, life is a game and in society you can upgrade your status and gain more levels. Part sci-fi nightmare, part-fantasy, this story would be perfect for a K-drama.

We wonder who'd play the lead though? Something for an older audience, this one is about a woman turning 30 who wants to find love and ends up working as an assistant for a reclusive billionaire who is the exact opposite when it comes to romance. Well, what do you think would happen in this situation? Someone cast our faves into a K-drama of this asap!

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Signout Sign in Create an account. Coronavirus info in your language Indigenous Voices Watch a drama series Homeland. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. For when you want a K-drama fix in fast form. Here's seven webtoons you should start reading to get some K-drama vibes in your life.

True Beauty A shy comic book-loving teenage girl learns how to do her makeup by binge-watching beauty videos over her school holiday, and transforms herself into the prettiest girl in school. In Social. Vertical Tabs Audio Track.

Listen now. Subscribe now. Android App.Omgggg True Beauty is gonna be a kdrama!! A 5-page one shot of Suho and Jugyeong. Must Read! This story will tackle about his emotional bang on his teenage years! The funny thing is I got the same reaction just like the MC everytime this happens. Can you not? I went back to re read some chapters because, I needed some support for my poor Suho and Jugyeong ship.

I was crushed I randomly stopped at Episode 58, and here is my theory why Suho didnt contact her.

true beauty webtoon

After some time Suho was settled in Japan and was on his phone and decided to contact her. But he saw the picture and thought that they looked good together. He was probably crushed but didnt want to ruin her happiness. I mean looking back when he was leaving and crying on the plane he was devastated. He cant be over her that easily right? I hope he explains more about what he was up to. Junyeong and Suho have awesome chemistry and I loved how their relationship was formed.

He was the first to know her true interest in comic books and horror and he slowly opened up to her. It was just perfect. I hate for it to come to an end because Suho gave up and automatically assumed she would be fine with Seojun. Speaking of Seojun, they are good together too. Their relationship is sweet and it still growing. Log in Sign up. Jugyeong being relatable once again pt 2.

This webtoon is a gift. I can feel it…I can feel that second lead syndrome slowly creeping up on me…. I feel number 11 like everyday. True Beauty Webtoon chapter 65 spoilers lol i would do this credit to IG: tbspoiler. That latest episode of True Beauty really got me like. I still ship Jugyeong and Suho. Try changing my mind. This face should be illegal. Is it weird that screenshotted this?

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