West australian in memoriam


Your browser does not support the audio tag. We welcome you this morning who are listening to us and worshiping with us on radio, all of us gathered in the great sanctuary of the First Baptist Church in Dallas.

This is the pastor bringing the message in keeping with our Memorial Day service. It is entitled In Memoriam. Another title we could give it would be In Defense of Grief. The seventh chapter of the Book of Acts closes with the story of the martyrdom of Stephen. And he kneeled down and after he had said his prayer of forgiveness, he fell asleep [Acts ]. The eighth chapter begins, "And Saul was consenting unto his death" — who later became the apostle Paul [Acts ] — "And Saul was consenting unto his death" [Acts ].

And the second verse of the eighth chapter reads: "And devout men carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him. The first thing I would point out as I read the passage is the humbling and all-pervasive fact that love makes the difference.

When Stephen was stoned, there were those who exulted in his martyrdom. They felt triumphant. They had killed, they put away for good this witness for Christ whom they could not refute or confute or confuse. One of those was Saul himself. After the martyrdom of Stephen, it was like blood for the blood hounds. They became more bitter and vindictive with a spirit of persecution and destruction.

For them, the blood of Stephen was a welcome sight. For them it was victory, triumph. But love makes the difference. To the disciples of Christ, to the followers of Jesus, it was an immeasurable loss and an illimitable grief.

It says so. You could not find in human speech a more emphatic description than the words translated here, great lamentation. They cut themselves. They beat upon their breasts. The word, the substantive of the verbal form, the substantive is [ kopetos ,] which means to cut oneself in grief, to beat upon ones breast with grief. They beat upon their breasts in grief [Acts ]. And as though that were not enough, the text employs the word mega.

In Memoriam

We have a megaphone, a megaton. Mega means great, intense. The death of Stephen, to these men who loved him, was an indescribable, immeasurable sorrow. What maybe nothing to somebody else can be everything to us. Those who are not even named by others, to us may mean heaven and earth.One death on WA roads, is one death too many. It is often a light and dismissive statement made before continuing with our day without a second thought. Ali and her son Ethan. Alison has personalised her prosthetic leg with a unicorn print across the top.

A blessing is the collective noun for a group of unicorns and also a fitting description for the way she sees her leg. A pregnant Ali was knocked from her scooter and thrown 25m in the air by a distracted driver. In she made the challenging decision to have it amputated. Ali says she feels lucky to have a renewed passion for life. Carolyn's late father Wayne Armstrong. From the call that no family should ever have to receive to supporting her mum through not only losing her partner but watching it happen, the toll the crash has taken on their lives has been devastating.

The survey spoke to almost 7, people. Of this, the community said the biggest road safety concerns were drivers using their mobile phones while driving, drink driving, and not being able to merge correctly. The result shows up the stark reality that our state driving record is far from squeaky clean. One in four WA drivers had been injured in a crash, and one in seven people had lost someone close to them as a result of a crash. One in five P-platers admitted having driven after drinking in the 12 months leading up to the survey.

More than half of WA drivers - 64 percent - believe mobile phone distractions are the biggest safety issues on the road, but 75 percent of us admit to touching our phone screen while behind the wheel.

It seems we know the right thing to do but for some reason, this belief fails to translate into action. Still, the post-campaign evaluation, conducted by Painted Dog Research, revealed that nine in 10 West Aussies agree that the action and accountability of drivers is key to the safety of all road users.

For over twenty years Barbara and her colleagues have studied this attitude, the behavioural gap and ways to close it. It is the same disconnect that exists between our intention to eat healthy and exercise more and our failure to do so.

All sectors of the community play a role in this change. Government creates policy and generates funding, media shares stories and information, and motorists hold one another accountable — which means identifying where we fail to turn good intentions into good behaviour. Laying our tragic driving record to rest starts with us all taking responsibility for those bad behaviours and seemingly insignificant lapses in attention. So what prompts these negative behaviours? Is it boredom at traffic lights?

Gone are the days where you could light up anywhere. These days, finding a suitable smoking area in a public place is a mission in itself. If a device is your road safety kryptonite, try placing it in your handbag on the back seat behind the driver. These small additional barriers make something relatively simple, such as texting, that much more difficult to do. Turning your phone to silent or to airplane mode for the duration of your drive will remove the sensory triggers.

Out of sight, out of mind.Western Australian birth, death and marriage information from September onwards is freely available online. Some church records are held by the J. Battye Library of West Australian History.

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The Forgotten Pioneers of the Eastern Goldfields book. Births, deaths and marriages: Western Australia This State Library of South Australia guide includes information on cemeteries, church records, burials and probate wills. Information for other states is also included. Western Australian Post Office Directories West announcements Recent obituary, death, funeral and in memoriam notices.

Microfiche available in the State Library of SA Nineteenth century newspapers An index to births, deaths, marriages reported in Western Australian newspapers. Index to birth notices in the West Australian Coversand Searchable on Trove for years up to Death notices in the Inquirer Covers Searchable on Trove.

Index to marriage notices in the West Australian Covers Western Australia Western Australian birth, death and marriage information from September onwards is freely available online. Prior to information of baptisms, burials and marriages is contained in church records. East Perth Cemeteries. Australian Cemeteries - Western Australia Alphabetical cemetery list - name searching available for some cemeteries.

Websites available at the State Library. Report a problem. Subjects: Family history.

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Tags: birthsburialcemeterycertificatesdeathsdistrict registersfamilygenealogyhistorymarriagesprobatesa memorystate library of south australiaweddingswills.This page honors the lives of beloved Unificationists who have ascended to the Spirt World. Click on the photos or the names to read about their lives. It is not a synonym for "sadness and suffering. The moment we enter the spirit world should be a time that we enter a world of joy and victory with the fruits born of our lives on earth.

It is a time for those of us remaining on earth to send off the departed with joy. It should be a time for great celebration.

We should be shedding tears of joy instead of tears of sadness. That is the way of the sacred and noble Seunghwa Ceremony, the first step the spirit of the departed takes toward enjoying eternal life in attendance of God, within His embrace.

Sun Myung Moon. For information and resources on Seonghwa, click here.

west australian in memoriam

He married Jeanette G. Rivera, the love of his life, in Then on August 25,they received the Marriage Blessing In Memory of Yukiko Washino Yukiko started feeling unwell on March 31,before finally feeling better two days later. On Thursday, April 2, she woke up at AM to prepare breakfast.

At AM her husband spoke to her briefly and He passed away from a stroke on March 5, He is survived by his only son, While she was raising Elaine by herself, she met Mrs Sandra Felberbauer, her spiritual mother and joined the church Raised Catholic, he always had a generous, compassionate In Memory of Mario Ferrario Mr.

He was the husband of His two brothers Joel and Gary Standard were with him the day before he passed. She was the oldest of four sisters. He earned a degree from the University of Virginia inwhere he ran track and In Memory of Sanae Sodeyama His family worked the farm, and as the family grew the children had to do their chores: milking Bruce and his two younger brothers, Donald and Kenneth, were all They lived together in Toronto, Canada and later San Francisco, where he met and joined the Unification Soon after, while on an actionizing team in Sheffield, he had a spiritual experience.

A vision of his mother in a beautiful garden appeared He was the youngest son of Tsugio and Fumie Maruyama, he has five sisters and one brother living in In Memory of Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu Mrs. Eu was born on September 3, by the lunar calendar. She has two brothers and one He was doing one of his favorite activities—hiking.Your browser does not support the audio tag. Acts On the radio and on television we welcome you to the services of our First Baptist Church in Dallas. And on a Memorial holiday weekend, with this auditorium filled twice, it is a glory to God that you are interested enough, even on a holiday, to listen to the Word of God.

And in keeping with the spirit and the meaning of the day, I have prepared this sermon entitled In Memoriam.

west australian in memoriam

It is a message in defense of Christian grief. The seventh chapter of the Book of Acts closes with the martyrdom of Stephen, the first Christian to lay down his life for Christ.

And it says in the closing verse that he kneeled down, and he closed his life with a prayer. He exalted in it; it was a personal triumph for him. Love makes the difference. It always does. For Saul and for those fanatics who looked upon Stephen as an antagonist, an apologist they could not answer, to get him out of the way, to shed his blood, to murder him was a part of personal vindictive victory.

So for them it was an occasion of rejoicing and triumph. You have the same kind of a thing when you turn the pages in Acts to chapter And because it pleased the people, he reached forth his hand and took Simon Peter and incarcerated him, expecting to slay Simon Peter after the days of unleavened bread, the Passover season [Acts ]. They were happy about it, it was a triumph for them. They liked it, rejoiced in it, celebrated over it, exalted because James had been slain [Acts ].

Well, it was that way here with Stephen. And around Stephen, his blood made them like bloodhounds who have a taste of the crimson life. It made them more eager and vicious to carry out their terrible devastation. But, but at the same time that these were rejoicing and exulting and praising, there were devout men who carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him [Acts ].

There was no rejoicing among the people of Christ. There were tears and sadness and sorrow. And from that verbal form there was made a substantive: kopeton, kopeton.

west australian in memoriam

We use the word so much. Megaton: mega means great or intense. And as though kopeton were not enough, he adds to it mega. It is an extremely graphic and expressive word of infinite sorrow. That is so often true in life. It is love that makes the difference.

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There are those who are so dear to us, who mean nothing to somebody else, no more than a leaf that falls, no more than a rock that is kicked out of the road; means nothing to them. But to us they mean everything, like heaven and life. I see that so many times. For example, could you imagine in a war, in a war there was just one soldier killed?Sister Julie Demchak faithfully dedicated herself for 45 years in the ministry of education in the Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Youngstown dioceses.

In the Cleveland diocese she taught at St. Raphael, Bay Village; St. Philip Neri, Cleveland; and St. Mary, Painesville and was principal at Ss. Richard, North Olmsted; and St. Albert the Great, North Royalton. In the Youngstown diocese she taught at St. Barbara, Massillon, and St. Edward, Youngstown and was a teacher and then principal at St. Joseph, Ashtabula. She served for many years as an outreach volunteer in various Stark County locations. She shared in the Ministry of Prayer and Ministry of faith-filled presence until her death.

Julie was celebrating her 70 th jubilee this year. Julie was a kind and loving sister of the Humility of Mary whose life readily suggests that these hard times offer the opportunity to extend love and compassion to others.

While we stay home and practice social distancing, we can phone a friend or family member to offer words of love and compassion and even a virtual hug; or check on senior citizens especially those who live alone; or drop off a meal for someone. A Memorial Mass will be celebrated at a later date. She is survived by her sisters in the HM Community and several nieces and nephews and their families.

Sister Mary dedicated herself to secondary education, parish and pastoral ministries and to walking with newer members of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary congregation. In times of illness she continued to serve through her personal witness and prayerfulness.

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Michael the Archangel Parish, Canton. As a member of the Membership and Affiliation Team of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary she served for eight years as formation director at Villa Maria, Pennsylvania. Ever concerned with ecology and the environment, Sr.

Mary was an advocate for the care of the earth who researched diligently and shared that information with various groups. She was preceded in death by her parents, Frank and Helen Gallagher Cunningham. Sister Mary Ann shared her gifts for teaching and administration for 42 years in schools in the Cleveland and Youngstown dioceses. Christopher, and was a substitute teacher at St. James, Lakewood. Sister Mary Ann served as assistant principal and then associate administrator at St.

Richard, North Olmsted. Following her retirement from education she ministered to the elderly for 12 years. Sister Mary Ann served as a volunteer at St. Martha Manor, Akron where she also was in residence. In the Youngstown Diocese she was a teacher and served as principal at St. Mary, Conneaut and St. Louis, Louisville. She also taught at St.Lesson Planning Template.

A place-based approach.

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Our approach encourages teachers and students to address the essential questions in the context of tribes in their own communities. An integrated approach. Teachers choose how much time to spend on tribal sovereignty content to complete their units throughout the year.

The integrated approach provides three levels of curriculum for each of the OSPI recommended social studies units, each level building on the last.

This work has been created in partnership with private and public agencies and the Federally Recognized Tribes in Washington State.

west australian in memoriam

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